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Women and Leadership: Looking Beyond the Global Health Crisis

We asked female leaders in crucial disciplines to talk about the role women can have in determining what the world looks like after the pandemic.

Not long after the news of Covid-19 broke around the world, it became clear that it would be a health crisis of pandemic proportions. But it also became apparent early on that there was much more at risk than health.

While men were more likely to die from the virus by the numbers, women have disproportionately experienced the social and economic effects of the pandemic.

Fragile systems and safety nets cracked almost instantly.

Women in labor were turned away from hospitals full of Covid patients. Reproductive care was too often put on hold. Incidences of domestic violence rose as they often do in times of crisis. Jobs were lost, but especially in sectors dominated by women, while other job categories in which women also dominated — nurses, caregivers — put them directly in harm’s way. Family economies were pinched, leaving women to figure out how to make up the gap. And as schools shut down, many parents — but mostly women — had to leave the workplace altogether to care for children stuck at home.

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