SoftPower Club

The Soft Power Club

The Soft Power Club convenes prominent Officials, global CEOs, analysts and entrepreneurs committed to share a vision on the role of soft power to promote a pragmatic multilateralism and global dialogue.

The “father” of Soft Power, Prof. Joseph Nye jr (permanent guest at the Club’s work) has for the first time identified the attractiveness of countries as one of the main tools for exercising geopolitical and economic power. Our Club was created to emphasize the importance of strengthening effective multilateralism .

The profound changes taking place in the global scenario signals a strong return of Hard Power tools. However, these roles do not call into question the role of Soft Power, together with the universal principles encoded in the United Nations Charter and in many other multilateral collaboration tools.

The Club organizes every year the “Soft Power Conference” in Venice (Italy) in the second half of the month of August. The city was chosen for its universal connotation, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has always been at the center of global traffic and international admiration, as well as a candidate for the World Capital of sustainability – also for the threats affecting its fragile ecosystems.

The Club recognizes every year a Soft Power Prize to a relevant personality committed in promoting the values and vision of soft power, having a tangible impact on societies and communities. In line with the strategic objectives of the Club, the Conference provides an opportunity to discuss and plan relevant actions to promote soft power as an effective tool to support an open, integrated vision of globalization.

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