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Fatou Jeng – Founder of Clean Earth Gambia

Fatou Jeng is one of the appointed Youth Climate Advisors of the United Nations Secretary General and a Gender Negotiator for The Gambia to the UNFCCC. She also served as policy lead on gender at the UNFCCC Youth Constituency for 5 years. With 7 years of experience in climate change policy and advocacy, community development, and gender equality work, she has delivered projects at the national and global level impacting thousands of people.  As the founder of Clean Earth Gambia, one of the biggest youth-led environmental NGOs in The Gambia, she has been able to mobilise thousands of Gambians in the protection of our environment by conducting a series of capacity-building training for more than 2000 youth to be aware of the growing climate crises and have volunteers across The Gambia and planting over 30,000 trees. In collaboration with the Banjul City Council, they planted over 11,000 coconut and baobab trees at Banjul Beach in 2020 and 2021 due to the city’s vulnerability to sea-level rise. Fatou has co-authored several publications on climate change including “Britain as a Force for Good: Six Ways to Turn a Slogan Into Reality”: Britain-a-force-for-good, contributor on youth and gender of the African Union Climate Change and Resilient Development Strategy and Action Plan 2022/2032.African-union-climate-change-and-resilient-development-strategy-and-action-plan , published on the Independent on how fragile countries must be supported in tackling the climate crisis. Due to her accomplishments as an educator, mobilizer, and campaigner, influencing and leading several projects on community resilience to climate change, she has been recognised as one of the most influential Conversation Leaders from Africa by the World Wildlife Fund and Africa Wildlife Fund.

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